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A2 - Disney's The Little Mermaid

Disney's The Little Mermaid:

PCPA - Pacific Conservatory Theatre

Director: Melissa Rain Anderson

Stage Manager: Laura Danek

Lighting Designer: Jennifer 'Z' Zornow

Scenic Designer: Jason Bolen

Costume Coordinator: Sara Curran Ice

Sound Designer: Elisabeth Weidner

2 Ring Circus

Photo by: Jennifer 'Z' Zornow

2019 PCPA Little Mermaid-1-2.jpg

Aerial Mic Tracking Sheet

- 22 Shure UR1 wireless microphones

- 1 UR1M wireless microphone

- 22 actors

- Removed microphones from actors throughout performance before aerial work

- Worked with both actors and dressers during costume changes to remove and replace microphones

Co-created with Assistant Sound Designer: Alisha M. Hunter

Mix Sheet Breakdown

- Practiced assigning DCA's for each scene and programming on Yamaha M7CL Digital Mixing Console.

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