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R.Carriere Birdhouse Isometric View.png

Birdhouse - Google SketchUp

R.Carriere Birdhouse Front View.png
R.Carriere Birdhouse Top View.png

- Created for Props class

- Designed based on Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley

- Created initial design in Google SketchUp


side view.jpg
front view.jpg
top view.jpg

- Constructed out of 3/4" plywood

- Cut out pieces of plywood using a table saw and radial arm saw

- Created bottom arch using a band saw

- Cut out hole using a hole saw

- Stapled and glued pieces together

- Filled in blemishes in the wood and then sanded

Finished Birdhouse

iso view final.jpg
front view final.jpg
top view final.jpg

- Used white as a base coat and then painted over with an off white

- Used different shades of silver for details, including a light silver for highlights

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