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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show

Childsplay, Inc.

Director: Dwayne Hartford

Lighting Designer: Cody Soper

Scenic Designer: David Goldstein

Costume Designer: D. Daniel Hollingshead

Composer: Nate Edmondson


Jon Gentry

Katie McFadzen

Debra K. Stevens

- 3 Actors.

- 2 Stagehands.

- 2 Board Ops.

- Rented show, including over 100 puppets, QLab file, and Calling Script.

- Created a new Calling Script based on our production's needs and with as much detail included for a possible future remount.

- 129 light cues

- 127 sound cues

- 202 G-O's called

- About 45 minutes long

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