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Light Board Operator & Electrician

PCPA - Pacific Conservatory Theatre

Director: Mark Booher

Stage Manager: Laura Danek

Lighting Design: Jennifer ‘Z’ Zornow

Scenic Design: Abby Hogan

Costume Design: Eddy L. Barrows

Sound Design: Mitchell Hampton


Photo by: Jennifer ’Z’ Zornow

Julius Caesar: 

2020 PCPA J.Ceasar-1-2.jpg

- Duties included building practicals, pre-show check, assisting Master Electrician with troubleshooting, and operating the ETC Ion Xe.

Background Panels


- Soldered 22/4 alarm wire onto RGB LED tape

JC 2 panels.jpg

- Worked with Lighting and Scenic Designers to label the back of each panel

- Labels included:

- The identifying number and letters for each panel

- The top of the panel

- Direction of the alarm wire

- Channel number

- Length of LED tape, indicated by color

JC panel.jpg

- Hot glued the LED tape to the back of each panel

- Taped and then stapled the alarm wire to travel to the top of the panel

JC Load In.png

- Worked with Light Shop Intern and two other Conservatory students

- Ran wire along the back of panels

- Connected the pieces of LED tape that belonged to the same channel using wire nuts and extensions

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