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The Toxic Avenger:

The Phoenix Theatre Company

Director: Michael Barnard

AEA Stage Manager: Michelle Elias

Lighting Designer: Michael J. Eddy

Scenic Designer: Beowulf Boritt

Costume Designer: David V. Woolard

Mask & Prosthetic Designer: Louis Zakarian

Sound Designer: Almir Lejilic

Photo by Erin Evangeline Photography

Caleb Reese as Toxie

PT Toxic Avenger Erin Evangeline Photogr

5 Actors.

2 Deck Crew Members.

2 Wardrobe Crew Members.

As Deck Manager, I was responsible for checking presets, managing backstage, operating the revolve, loading and tracking three prop guns, and assisting with quick changes. 

Shift Cue Sheet

2 Pianos, 4 Hands

The Phoenix Theatre Company

Director: Bruce Sevy

Original Scenic Concept: Scott Weldin

Scenic Designer: Joel Birch

Sound Designer: Marie Quinn

Lighting Designer: Don Darnutzer

AEA Stage Manager: Michelle Elias

2p4h photo.jpg

2 Actors.

2 Crew Members backstage, including Wardrobe Supervisor and Deck Manager.

As Deck Manager, I was responsible for checking presets, working with the Wardrobe Supervisor for prop and costume handoffs. I was also responsible for cleaning the top and sides of the pianos to get rid of fingerprints. 

Legally Blonde Jr.:

Stage Dreams Youth Theatre

Director: Jonathan James Hansen

Assistant Director: Madi Mays

Choreography: Danielle Donaldson

Lighting Designer: Laura Berry

Scenic Designer: Leroy Timblin

Costume Designer: Becky James

Props Design: Miranda Lempitsky

LB jr Harvard photo.jpg

5 different casts over the course of 4 weeks.

Two casts were in tech the first week Monday-Thursday and performed Friday-Sunday.

The other three casts each had a week to tech and a weekend to perform. 

Ages 8-18.

Crew was composed of staff members and a changing group of young technicians, ages 12-18.


The School of Ballet Arizona

School Director: Carlos Valcárcel

Lighting Designer: Michael Panvini

Scenic Designer: Ronald Thacker

Photo by Brianne Bland

SBAZ Coppelia PC-Brianne Bland.jpg

I watched two rehearsals before tech. The School Director told me where both the lighting and sound cues should be placed. I created a preliminary Cue Synopsis to give to the lighting designer and a Deck Cue Sheet to give to the run crew. During tech, I updated the paperwork each day with the new notes.

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